The 50 Most Influential Latinos in Georgia / 2021

The 50 Most Influential Latinos in Georgia / 2021 The 50 Most Influential Latinos in Georgia / 2021
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“There are many reasons why a man does what he does. To be himself he must be able to give it all. If a leader cannot give it all, he cannot expect his people to give anything,” Cesar Chavez used to say.

Georgia, a top-ranking state for education, business development, and population growth of over 10 million reflect transformative changes in many professional areas. Within this population, a hub of innovators fosters a commitment to servant leadership within communities. These innovators referred to as leaders, leave a footprint behind education, politics and many other areas.

At the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, we carefully analyze the character, impact, and connectivity self-motivated leaders provide in their communities. You’ll see a list of “50 Influential Members” who have created an impact on our state of Georgia. Let your voice be heard and nominate a trailblazer who exemplifies the art of leading people, places, and moments in history. Choose individuals from different categories within Government, Media, Business, Nonprofits and other sectors.

Join us for The 50 Most influential Latinos in Georgia. Be part of the commemoration of Latino professionals and leaders in our community! Be sure to be part of this amazing event.